Funmoods description

Delete Funmoods toolbar and ( to prevent redirects, unclear installing and uninstalling, time-wasting, out-of-context ads

    Funmoods toolbar and are vividly discussed by users. The discussion tends to criticize the browser extension and the website for intrusive behaviors, complicated extermination routine and frequent cases of implicit installation.
According to the developer’s description, the toolbar is aimed at helping “share your moods” providing “FREE smiles for social networking.” The program’s home-page claims the tool contains no adware, no viruses, no spyware, and no registration needed.
True, not a single renowned security suite classifies the browser add-on and the extension as a piece of malware. You indeed get the announced emoticons upon installing the toolbar.

    In the meantime, many computer security solutions identify the application as a PUP, potentially unwanted program. The reason is in the following behaviors it displays:
1. As you have decided to install the generator of smileys for social networks and initiated relevant introduction routine, your home-page changes to The start point for Internet navigation you have set is erased.
2. Installation of the controversial software may be completed on untick-the-box basis as users simply fail to notice their consent provided by default in the course of installing another content. Besides, the program might be secretly added to the content you load in bulk.
3. The related to PUP home-page features misleading ads wasting time of web-surfers into completing various questionnaires, foisting off on them enormously expensive mobile services etc. \ browser redirect

4. Upon completing the removal of Funmoods toolbar and ( through Control Panel, its leftovers still need to be dealt with immediately in browsers modified. Otherwise, redirects persist.
5. The application may intercept requests typed into address bar of your browser, where the entered letters are not a correct url. The redirect leads to websites related to the browsers.
6. Last but not least, users might have their own reasoning why they dislike the program and look forward to remove Funmoods toolbar and redirect.
Despite avoiding to categorize the browser extension and related search engine as products powered by virus, this website is for those in need to get rid of Funmoods toolbar and redirect.

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