How to remove Funmoods from Chrome browser?

Delete, and from Google Chrome

Removal Guide for Google Chrome Users

Once you have completed general steps of the potentially unwanted program cleanup, it is time to deal with browser related side-effects.

Step-by-step instructions are available below:

I. Ensure Funmoods toolbar removal (how to remove):

Open the affected browser;

Find Wrench menu (a spanner icon to the upper right of browser window), click it;

In the drop-down list, click Tools to get into Tools\Options drop-down menu;

In Tools menu, please go to Extensions, click it;

Once in the Extensions list, try to find record relevant to the unwanted add-on. If found, trash it clicking bin icon opposite to the log (see screenshot);

If no appropriate entry found, consider the toolbar is gone due to general removal steps.

II. Get rid of Funmoods start page (,

Open the affected browser;

Go to Wrench menu;

In the drop-down list, click Settings\Options to get into relevant menu;

In Settings, go to the second section On Startup… and tick the box opposite to Open the New Tab page.

II. How do I prevent Funmoods from intercepting requests to my browser address bar (, redirect removal)?

Please repeat the steps 1-3 from the previous instruction (Guide II);

Go to Search;

Set Google or another trusted browser in the drop-down list below your default engine;

Download Redirect Remover

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  • tony2tones

    Well I have officially given this a try and looks convincing so I’m going to say thanks cause man that was some seriously annoying malware!