How to remove Funmoods from Internet Explorer (IE) browser?

Delete, and from from Internet Explorer (IE)?

    Once you have completed general steps of the potentially unwanted program cleanup, it is time to deal with browser related side-effects.

    In Internet Explorer, you need to change some settings in its Tools menu. In order to enter the menu, open Internet Explorer. In IE 9, click Gear icon; in an earlier edition, click Tools.

I. Make sure Funmoods toolbar has been removed (how to remove):

In Tools, locate and click Manage Add-ons (see screenshot);

In the list of extensions, try finding recode designating the searched-for toolbar. It might read Funmoods Toolbar, Funmoods Helper Object etc.;

Were there is no relevant entry found, consider the toolbar is gone due to general removal steps;

Disable the unwanted application, if found – click appropriate button.

II. Remove Funmoods start page (,

In Tools, browse to Internet Options;

Find and open General tab;

Activate Restore to Default option in General tab;

III. Get rid of, redirect:

Go to General tab as explained in point II, steps 1 and 2;

Click Settings;

In the menu to appear, find the list of default search engines available;

Where the default value is, reset it to another website, for instance, Google.

IV. Prevent Funmoods related websites from appearing in new tabs:

In Internet Explorer 9, open General tab completing steps 1 and 2 of point II;

Open Tabs Settings;

Set value The new tab page in the list When a new tap is opened, open…

In previous IE versions, simply ensure extermination of the adware – complete the Instructions I to III and General extermination guide.

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    Internet options > Advanced Tab > Restore settings removed the very annoying site from the new tabs. Thanks for the advise.