How to remove Funmoods from Mozilla Firefox browser?

Delete, and from Mozilla Firefox

Once you have completed the removal Funmoods adware through Control Panel, browser related leftovers are to be fixed.

If you are running Firefox, you need to change some settings or ensure they do not feature the adware.

I. Make sure Funmoods toolbar has been removed (how to remove):

Find Tools in FireFox on the upper menu of your current Mozilla tab;

In Tools, choose Add-ons;

Click Extensions and remove Funmoods toolbar (see screensht).

II. Get rid of (start-page hijacker):

Repeat step 1 of point I above;

Find and open General tab;

Press “Restore to Default” option in General tab.

III. Get rid of and redirect:

Click icon that reminds an arrow located near search box;

In its menu, browse to Manage Search Engines. Select Funmoods Search (or log named in similar way) and click Remove.

List of websites is to appear. Find, select and remove and, as appropriate.

IV. Prevent Funmoods related websites from appearing in new tabs:

Repeat step 1 of point I above;

Go to Add-ons as in point I;

Open Options menu;

Go to Advanced;

Select and untick the option Use Funmoods as Enhanced Search for New Tab.

Download Redirect Remover

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